FACT: Classic ASP can be robust and modern!

Agile and Quick

This is how Classic ASP development process looks like 99% of the time...

... and that's why we want to be Agile

- To focus on customer value via constant business-driven prioritization of features and regular customer feedback
- Manage uncertainty and risk through evolutionary (iterative and incremental) product development
- Utilize intense collaboration and feedback via maximum communication
- Deliver high quality through plan-do-study-act continuous improvement cycles and
- Facilitate learning and adaptation to change
- Clear business results - working software

We run a business. We know, what does it mean to go over schedule and over budget for an entrepreneur. And we hate to overrun budgets. Over the last 15 years we have seen many examples of poorly executed concepts, misinterpreted requirements, bad implementations. Especially in the world of Classic ASP, poor final product quality and bad overall experience has unfortunately been very common. People think, that it is so easy to cook up something in this technology. They call themselves experts even if they do not master all the required knowledge and experience. In fact, the reality is that it is quite complicated to do things right.

The mix of all of the above makes our end to end approach very unique on the market. And this is not a marketing slogan by any means. We think and breath Classic ASP, while at the same time we have specifically created and implemented modern tools and agile team development practices. We use Scrum methodology whenever possible, and prefer iterative test based development for best reliability. And our clients has never been happier after working with us. Plan - Code - Test - Refactor. This is our motto.


Clean Code

Way too many times we have seen this type of Classic ASP approach to projects

- Think later. Or never. Code first.
- UI, logic, data access all mixed up
- No architecture of any kind
- Overusage of Session variables
- Configuration scattered all over the code
- Assuming, that errors do not happen
- Code duplication instead of encapsulation
- Ignoring object oriented programming in VBScript and JScript
- Major security holes in the code
- and, unfortunately, so much more...

... and that's why created
ASP2 Framework

- To leverage our 15 years of Classic ASP experience by designing a modern framework for legacy technology
- To keep code clean and separated, eliminating mixing UI with business logic and data access
- To make our Classic ASP solutions rock stable
- To increase maintainability by creating software that produces predictible results
- To be able to implement modern web marketing solutions in no time i)
- To make our web applications SEO-friendly out of the box
- To be able to create even very complicated solutions quickly and effeciently

i) it took us only 2 days to implement a full-fledged Split Testing plug-in for ASP2 Framework, including reporting dashboard

Code mess is the most common sin of all Classic ASP solutions. In most of the cases, applications written using this technology feature a complete mess of user interface mixed with business logic and data access. And very often, in a very peculiar way. By our standards, such applications can be considered as working prototypes only and are not suitable for day-to-day production use.

We are the original authors of the only comprehensive MVC framework for Classic ASP, the ASP2 Framework. We have developed it in-house and use with great success in most of our projects, living a happy life of developers having well architected solutions to maintain. And you know what, all those websites have much better potential to place higher on search engines, thanks to SEO friendly URLs! Is not that great news?

And we also put new life into old applications. Since most of the legacy projects that we take the responsibility of is poorly architected, we have undertaken lots of migration projects, where we refactored the existing code base into a modern, full MVC based Classic ASP solution.


Modern UI

You might think, that a technology with its roots in 1995 is not able to deliver a modern user experience. Well, in fact, in our hands Classic ASP is more than able to do that. We can implement pretty much any UI experience, and all tools used to do this job will be the cutting edge latest ideas that you have seen all over the web.

And you know what? Thanks to the clever ASP2 Framework again, all created UI elements are easily transformable to any other technology. For example if you ever considered a migration to ASP.NET, this particular framework would make it a breeze!

This site has been developed entirely using ASP2 Framework and it features a few interesting UI ideas. Pretty much you name it, you've got it. AJAX included. If you want to have a preview of our UI design and implementation capabilities, feel free to browse our references page here.

Moreover, we are skilled in UX (User Experience) topics, and able to produce a nice and usability oriented application in-house, without any external design resources. What a time saver!